Friday, November 6, 2009

Walking as the sun sets

Sun is setting on the old structure, but the dawn has not arrived!

I am thinking about the New Structure again today. After a little chat with my BFF Fern, I find myself distinguishing present tense versus past tense. The cold hard fact is - what worked in the past does not seem to hold water in the present - aka it's a leaky container. There has been some mending of the container along the way, but basically we are due for a totally upgrade. As I have distinguished this for many of my clients in the recent past, I am now letting myself in on the information (in a conscious way.)

In an attempt to wrestle the demon of my amorphous to-do list yesterday, I just simple wrote everything down. It was not a pretty list, but it was not the ugliest list either. One of the main things that jumped out at me across the board was that I need to get my info updated. My dad died 2 weeks before I married steve. This was insane. Consequently, I have had a lot of resistance to changing my name and going through the hassle of updating all my IDs. This has been on my list for 3 years now. I think it is time to cross it off. Therefore, using the advice of my magical astrologer friend, I made a list for the planet Saturn as it has entered Libra (Oct. 29) to help me out. Saturn loves lists.
Saturn is practical. Saturn is about planning, structure, work, right timing, authority and is symbolic of the father figure. In Libra, there is a strong desire for balance and harmony in relationship. Therefore, Saturn in Libra wants structures that support relationship. When Saturn passes through any sign he challenges us with the question "what is not working here?"... often with a full-court press. Consequently, I feel like the screws have been tightened and I have to make some major changes in the way I do business, both personally and professionally, as well as in all my relationships. The buck stops HERE.

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