Thursday, November 5, 2009

+ beginning of the new structure

The first piece of the New Structure is this: Steve will start working 5 days a week.

You might wonder, why is steve not working 5 days a week? Because Friday is Addie-Daddy day. That's right, my husband cares for Addie on Fridays... and he has done so for at least a year and a half (she's almost 2!) There were many good reasons for this (special bonding time with daddy, mommy needed a day off without responsibility, etc.) so it was worth the financial sacrifice. However, after a year in our house, we simply have to UP our prosperity game and let more resources flow in.

I've recently realized that I keep my business on a short leash. The fear of it being "too much" overwhelms me before I allow things to really start moving along. As I am letting go of control of my business and allowing it to show me where it wants to grow, change, transform.... I see that I might have been keeping Steve's business on a short leash as well - oops.

Once we decided to change, all sorts of new possibilities started to arise. Steve was actually EXCITED about missing the first day of his flyfishing trip in order to work today. That is a miracle. He wants to kick ass at work and put us ahead... and gosh darnit, I'm going to let him.

Today, I have $20 in my bank account. Somehow the checks I mailed in to my bank are taking their sweet time in getting there. So, what wants to happen?

I'll start with gratitude. First, I will be grateful that I have $20. Second, I have way more products sewn for my art show than I thought I had - oh joy. Third, I have $3 in my wallet, so I will treat myself to a latte before I pick addie up from school. Oh, and I love my new journal - red and delicious.

***update: I had $4 in my wallet and the checks showed up in my acct. by the end of the day!

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