Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sunrise Today

It's funny. Right now I am keenly aware of my cycles, or cycles themselves. I keep feeling lost and then I find myself again. I feel on-track then off-track, I feel good about myself then I feel bad. I compare myself to others, than I feel fortunate for all my gifts and talents. It always rebalances itself. Why do I expect that it should stay in one place? The nature of things is movement. Nothing is static. Everything changes.

Today I am grateful. Addie went poopoo in the potty (even though she seemed surprised and sounded slightly alarmed.) She also started dancing in a new way which made me stop what I was doing to laugh my ass off. She loves music and dancing. What kid doesn't?! She's definitely tempermental at 22 months, but overall she is amazing to be with. She is so super cute and fun. I am also grateful that Steve is fishing. It makes me happy when he takes care of himself.

I will post an art update tomorrow. I am excited about the Holiday show at Jack and Jills and hope to figure out some next steps as far as Petaluma Art House and teaching/arting/magic.

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