Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Good Morning

Dad went fly fishing, so it's just us girls in bed this morning. These are the most precious moments. Look at those cheeks.... I smother them with kisses while she cries for her morning apple "juicy." Yes, this is the juicy.... kiss kiss kiss.

One thing I have been struggling with is my schedule. Monday is my "clean the house" day which also included bills, thank you notes, groceries, sheets, laundry, etc. I hate to have this shit drag on through out the week, so I have trained myself (a painfully slow process) to straighten up throughout the week, as well as do all the basics on one day. This program more or less works. However, I want to join new playgroup that meets Monday mornings. My first reaction is "this will never work!" I've been in that place for 2 weeks. However today, Sunday, I decided to get my "clean the house" day done early. This would not only please my husband (who loves coming home to a clean house) but this will also free me up to do the playgroup on Monday. AND the best part.... maybe steve will help me if it's on Sunday morning instead of Monday! Less work for mama is a good thing, and he usually doesn't mind cleaning. I'll keep my figures crossed and let the form be loose. Honestly, I'm shocked that I even thought of this idea. It makes me wonder... where else am I stopped in the "this will never work"?

It was a good morning, productive and juicy.

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