Monday, December 28, 2009

+ What have I been up to?

This. Hanging guilt-free with my Munchkin. I have been considering taking January "off". I'm not sure what that means, but I need to go into my cave for a while, dream and soak in a little winter-wisdom for myself. No need to put the pressure on. I long to practice what I "see" in my intuitive work, for my clients and for myself. I'm planning on spending a night this week working on my New Year's collage. My "X: marks the spot"- the gauge that shows me where I am presently. (Steve is also going to be doing his.) My feeling right now is, I would like to experience breakthroughs in Painting, Health and Gratitude this year. I'm playing with it, keeping it loose. Mercury (the information planet) is in retrograde, so one must acknowledge that there is more information "coming in"and not get too attached (or upset) if direction/focus/intention changes. Maintaining balance is a dance, my friends, because movement is the nature of the universe. Nothing stays the same. Everything changes.

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