Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thank you!

What abundance! I came home from my new moon ritual to find a unsolicited check for $2500 from my in-laws to help with the house. Thank you Bob & Dixie, thank you!! A financial windfall was on my to-do list for Saturn! More abundance to come!

So, Art & Magic works! What is Magic? the art of changing consciousness at will (dion fortune). When I make the time sit quietly & meditate, build my altar, release my fear, make my wishes known - this or something better, for the good of all and harm of none - and ask for help from the Mystery.....I am always answered. That's right. I am always answered. The form & timing is unpredictable, but help does arrive. Lessons are learned and I grow again. Forgetting this, is a recipe for suffering.

I have to admit, my head has been a bit foggy lately. I have been struggling with wanting to DO more than one person (much less one mother) could possibly accomplish in a day! Consequently, there has been a lot of negative self-talk bringing me down. Energetically speaking, this creates soul loss and opens the doors for old fear-based patterns to seep back in. Oh what suffering. Forgetting what I know is a hard row to hoe. So what to do? Remember who I am through Ritual.

I began to weed my spiritual garden last night in my new moon ritual but I have more to do. One major block I realized is that I have been VERY wound up (physically) and need to address that first.  So this week, I commit to scheduling a massage for November and one for December. I've needed to do this since I began my physical training. No more excuses. Pamper Now!

NOTE TO SELF: I am extremely good at helping clients & students come into the present tense, clear the crap,  re-affirm what they are truly committed to and know what their next steps are. I can do this for myself if I commit to creating the space for it each day.

New Structure Priorities, cont.
1. Time for Reflection

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