Thursday, November 12, 2009

+ hip hop loving pants-less fairy baby

My studio is a disaster.
I need to make a to-do list badly.
However, I can't think straight when MY STUDIO IS A DISASTER.
And, it's been this way for weeks.

Despite the studio being a disaster zone, Addie and I had a great time organizing scraps of fabric while dancing and listening to hip hop. She has become obsessed with dancing since our trip to Vermont. There she was introduced to a DVD of Mary's magical tap dancing grandson Dace performing. Addie must have watched that DVD 30 times, much to the horror of her nana who ALSO had to watch it 30 times. (Sorry Nana!) In any case, Addie is all about it now. Since she is potty training, she is often naked from the waist down. That left her in just a shirt & socks. She also added fairy wings and a wand to round out her look. That was the moment of magic for mommy today, the gift, the payoff - watching my baby dance, loving her own body, mimicking my movements, making up her own. So much goodness.

So today, I clean and organize my studio. I need room to birth these magical creatures that want to go home with YOU for the holidays. You may consider yourself lucky for your gifts have been blessed by the hip hop loving pants-less fairy baby. Ah, the life of an artist mother!

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Witch Passion said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this. She is soooooo squeeeezalbe cute. Love imagining her dancing around as a fairy.