Tuesday, October 27, 2009

+ Time of Year

I haven't been writing. It's a hard time of year for me. 2 weeks from now is the anniversary of my dad's death. It will be 3 years on November 11. This year was way easier than the first 2, but "it" does not go away. I am doing the things I love to do and trying not to make a big deal out of how lost I feel at this time of year. Addie is amazing and takes up a lot of my attention. Helping her to grow and learn in a good way is a real challenge. At 22 months, she has her own ideas about what she wants to do and eat, when and where. Since we just took a bog trip to vermont and are now recovered....it's back to the old "schedule." Structure is a very relaxing place, once it is in place.
Currently I am working on my family's Halloween costumes. This is the best holiday for me. I'm wondering how deep I can go into the theme I am working with... and not offend others. My spirit cries for MORE artistic expression. It is dying to go TOO FAR. My friend Susan sent me a great quote from Paulo Coelho, "Don't control your brakes. Just make your horn louder!" I'm going to try to incorporate this idea with my other favorite quote, given to me by my crone friend Margo - "Right on Schedule." Next week, I start on my holiday show - sew sew sew!
Another deep sigh of relief. Good friends help with all sorts of things. 2 more weeks and then my dad's anniversary will be over and we start year #4.

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