Wednesday, March 3, 2010

should I keep a blog for my personal site?

Okay, now I am considering stopping the blog for all together. Why? As a mother, I feel that I need to funnel my extracurricular activities into ONE place if I can - rather than feeling spread out all the time. I'm not going to lie to you, Motherhood is challenging. After a year of writing, I feel like I am mostly complaining on my blog, when in fact the act of writing helps me to process my feelings and get to a better place. Do people really need to read that part of the process? OR are they simply looking for inspiration? The intention of writing this blog is explore motherhood, art and magic. I keep asking myself, where's the art? Where's the magic? That gets expressed on my buildaltars site. So, I am curious if "my writer" can best be served on the BuildAltars website blog, where there are actually tools and a community connection. The downside, is that it is less personal. It also means I will not be posting personal pics of my munchkin. I will have to save that for facebook.

So for now, I will keep this blog updated with my inquiry "should I keep a blog for my personal site." In the meantime, please find me on FB. Let's be friends!

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