Tuesday, January 5, 2010

+ Kindness is good food

Wow, it is so easy to be hard on oneself - and much harder to be easy.

I have been experiencing some major shifts of energy. Nothing is settled. My belly feels like it is being stirred. I dreamt of farming after watching The Real Dirt on Farmer John and woke up in the middle of the night with my familiar, Anxiety. Farming would seem like a relaxing dream-topic, but it was filled with stress, anxiety, and hard-work for little compensation. Once awake, my mind looped on Dexter, a Showtime series based on a fictional vigilante serial killer. I had to get out of bed. Not very relaxing. I still feel uncomfortable about the whole thing.

One thing I have noticed lately is that I have an OVERABUNDANCE of judgment. Lots of judgment about how "others" act. At times, it seems like a constant stream. Today, during yoga practice I found myself judging the teacher. Not her yoga practice or how she taught, but her.... AND, I don't even know her. I know nothing about her. So it makes me wonder, WHO IS JUDGING?

When I let myself answer that question -- the person who is judging is the part of me who is afraid to change. Afraid of leaving the old for the new, letting go of the familiar for a new possibility to arise. There have been some major shifts in my perspective and what I will focus on in 2010 feels very new. I am afraid of making other's angry by shifting my focus. I am afraid of not meeting other's expectation. So now, I am waiting to jump in, waiting to commit. This feels uncomfortable too, but I have made decisions while Mercury is Retrograde that I had to re-do, so I wait.... and feel my anxiety, and clean and reorganize my home, office and studio.

I ask the Mystery for help in letting all the random judgments pass quietly by. I ask for help and support in releasing this wild energy that tears things apart. And, I ask for assistance in completing the review and reorganization of my physical world, and the structures I dwell in... to support the part of me that I am letting into the world. THE PAINTER. There I said it. Kindness tastes good.

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