Thursday, December 3, 2009

+ So much to do

Big Show Tomorrow! I'm tired but stoked. The red hoods, fairytale girls, owls and grandma wolves are looking TOO CUTE! I have a few more steps to completion, but I'm really excited. In the past, I have been pretty good about documenting the process with photographs, but this year I want to photograph my stuffed-friends when they are complete. This is one thing I rarely have time for (due to exhaustion at the end!) My goal this year was to kick ass on my show, but not have it kick my ass (or my husbands!) There is one special thing I made this year, that I am really excited about - the mini-banners. You can use them as ornaments, hang them on your altar, string them up in your house.... I'm in love. The best part is that they were simple and fun to make. I will post an image soon, but I have to admit...bringing in my designer-self to work on my art projects has been a real treat.

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