Saturday, November 28, 2009

Something I've noticed

I never feel organized when my studio is not organized. It makes be feel lost and despondent. I start to go to the "it will never work out" place... and that is a downward spiral. When I am working with a client or student, I call these points "red flags." They signify the point where we lose energy. A red flag is a sign that says WAKE UP and reconnect with what is true. When we connect with what is true, our energy and enthusiasm return. Red flags are different for each person because each person is totally unique. It takes practice and patience to recognize them because they are as familiar to you as your own hand.

Take a moment to sit down and asked yourself, what do I say to myself that causes me to lose hope, feel disconnected and/or lost? Then ask yourself, when do I say these things? 

A Red Flag is an OPPORTUNITY to stop, notice and choose. Red flags are our friends. They are messengers of the soul to encourage self care. This is what self care is for me:

Self Care
1. I wrote - website blog
2. I cleaned - my studio, I feel much better.
3. I went outside - walked with my husband, photographed the fall trees, got a latte, bought some ribbon for my art show and a book - Craft Inc Business Planner - I will let you know what I think about this.

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